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Role of Sports Business is Growing at the Nation’s Top-Ranked B-Schools

Bill King, SportsBusiness Journal, July 2017

George Foster had been a professor at Stanford’s business school for about a dozen years, long enough to be established after moving to the States from Australia, when the sports bug tugged at him hard enough that he thought about developing a sports management course. Read more

As It Embraces Las Vegas, N.F.L. Is Awash in Gambling Contradictions 

Ken Belson, New York Times, April 2017

The N.F.L. owners voted to move the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas. Yet, this presents new challenges for the N.F.L. in regards to the legalized sportws gambling that currently exists in Las Vegas. Read More

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How the NFL Could Reverse Its TV Viewership Decline

Scott Rosner and Paul H. Haagen discuss the recent TV ratings decline for National Football League games. They looked at what is behind the decline and how sports leagues could engage better with viewers on the Knowledge@Wharton show. Here are five takeaways from their discussion:

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Will Others Follow the NBA’s Jersey Sponsorship Decision?

Mori Taheripour

The National Basketball Association has announced it will allow teams to add a sponsorship patch from a company on a team jersey in the 2017-18 season. Half of this additional advertising revenue will go to the team and the rest will go into the league’s revenue-sharing pool. With this decision, the NBA becomes the first of the big four North American sports leagues to add a sponsor logo to its game jersey. Could the other leagues follow suit?

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Beyond the Game: Race and the NFL

Ken Shropshire, Scott Rosner

The Carolina Panthers may have lost to the Denver Broncos in this year’s Super Bowl, but as any fan of American football knows, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton dominated the media’s coverage of the sport during 2015. Reaction to Newton’s behavior, on and off the field, has been far from uniformly positive. Has Newton, who is African-American, been criticized more harshly than would a white quarterback?

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