Published under the Wharton Sports Analytics and Business Initiative, the journal highlights graduate, undergraduate, and high school student research at the intersection of statistics and sports to advance the field of sports analytics.

Established in 2021 at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, the journal will publish two editions annually, beginning with the inaugural issue in Spring 2022.

The journal is an outgrowth of the remarkable work done by graduate, undergraduate, and high school students, whether it’s research into a sports performance-related question, exploring datasets for interesting outcomes, or diving deep into age-old theories.

The projects you see here represent their broad talent in evidence-based decision-making.



We are delighted to share the featured projects below which were randomly selected from the 2022 Spring Edition of the journal.

The projects were completed by high school students who attended our summer high school programs Moneyball Academy and Moneyball Academy Training Camp, or undergraduates who are studying at the University of Pennsylvania. Students have the opportunity to choose projects based on their area of interest — from baseball to figure skating, field hockey, and more!

The projects you see here help to inform how we can make a “better” Pythagorean Expectation for basketball, how analyzing the value of starting pitchers vs. relief pitchers in the MLB tells us whether it is smarter to invest in a starting rotation or a bullpen, and how the Seattle Kraken should approach the 2021 expansion draft.