About Us

Wharton Sports Analytics and Business Initiative (WSABI) is a leader in the rapidly growing fields of sports analytics and sports business.  Our faculty bring expertise in statistics and analytics, experience in consulting with professional teams, and a network of relationships throughout the sports industry. Our students’ intellectual curiosity and creativity drives innovative research at the cutting edge of data analytics, and our alumni lead businesses in every corner of the sports world.

We are community builders at every level. We train students and create ways for them to explore their intellectual and professional interests. We connect alumni to students and to each other, fostering new relationships and strengthening old ones.  We engage industry leaders in analytics and business across a wide range of sports, providing space for dialogue and cross—fertilization.

Research projects in sports analytics allow our students to advance their understanding of statistics, dive into interesting data-sets, and solve real business problems.  These collaborative projects build professional skills while advancing sports practices. Through efforts like this, WSABI aims to use insights from its community to power the sports industry, both off and on the field of play.

WSABI is part of Wharton’s People Analytics Initiative.