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Our mission is to provide a platform for students to showcase their innovative research, empirical studies, and theoretical contributions, promoting critical thinking, intellectual growth, and scholarly engagement within the realm of sports analytics.


Dear Friends and Readers,

Earlier this year we shared plans to change the direction and vision of our publication. We have spent the past few months working to update our submission guidelines, standards, and peer review process to deliver on our mission to be the premier destination for student research in the sports analytics community.

I am excited to share our next step towards that goal, the Fall 2023 edition of the Wharton Sports Analytics Journal, featuring projects from students here at the University of Pennsylvania as well as universities and high schools across the country.

This edition features work in major US sports, including Algorithmic Player Acquisition in the NBA, but also research into volleyball, F1 racing and bias in sports reporting. This range of topics, methodologies and backgrounds, sets us apart from other journals in this space.

As we look forward, I invite any high schooler, undergraduate or graduate student doing research in sports analytics to submit to the journal – we are already accepting submissions for our Spring 2024 edition.

We hope you enjoy reading and learning from these exceptional papers as much as we enjoyed reviewing them. Please let us know your thoughts and feedback as we strive to bring you the best of sports analytics and statistics.


Krish Shah W’24 SEAS’24

Krish Shah W’24 SEAS’24
University of Pennsylvania Student
Wharton Analytics Fellow

Wharton Sports Analytics Journal

2023-2024 Editorial Board Members

Daniel Coale, W’24
Katherine Comer, W’26
Aryan Nagariya, W’24 SEAS’24
Sam Pasco, C’24
Krish Shah, W’24 SEAS’24

Spring 2024 – Important Dates

Interested in having your work featured in an upcoming edition?

We are looking for excellent and thought-provoking student research papers exploring sports data and analytics topics from students of all disciplines and programs.

We currently accept submissions on a rolling basis and do not accept paper submissions. To be considered, please submit your research using the form below.

Research submitted on or before April 20, 2024 will be considered for the Fall Edition. Submissions received after April 20, 2024 will be considered for the Spring 2024 Edition.

April 20, 2024

Submission Deadline

May 2024

Journal Publication Date

Club Information

The Wharton Sports Analytics & Research Journal (WSARJ) is a vibrant group dedicated to dissecting the sports world from various angles. Primarily, we manage the undergraduate Wharton Sports Journal, reviewing submissions and providing expert, analytical feedback. We also engage in research to deepen our sports knowledge.

Weekly sports seminars every Friday keep us connected with the latest industry trends, and our Thursday meetings focus on analyzing key events in football, boxing, soccer, baseball, among others. Our involvement in major sports conferences ensures members stay ahead in the sports domain.

WSARJ goes beyond being a sports club; it’s a center for intellectual enrichment and professional growth. We guide members in academic courses, especially in data analytics at Wharton, and aid in career development and job opportunities, making WSARJ a comprehensive hub for those passionate about the diverse and dynamic world of sports.

Questions? Please reach out to whartonresearchjournal@wharton.upenn.edu.

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