Books by Wharton Sports Business Initiative faculty

The Miseducation of The Student Athlete: How to Fix College Athletics 

Kenneth Shropshire, Collin D. Williams, Jr.

In The Miseducation of the Student Athlete: How to Fix College Sports, Shropshire and Williams draw on new research to reveal that it has become increasingly difficult for college athletes to balance school and sports, much less a social life, leading to serious economic, professional, and emotional consequences for young people. Given that fewer than 2% of all college men’s basketball and football players will play at the professional level, the other 98% of student-athletes must be prepared to find and perform well in jobs outside of their respective field of play.

The Business of Sports Agents 3rd Edition

Kenneth Shropshire, Timothy David, N. Jermi Duru

In “The Business of Sports Agents”, Kenneth L. Shropshire, Timothy Davis, and N. Jeremi Duru, experts in the fields of sports business and law, examine the history of the sports agent business and the rules and laws developed to regulate the profession.

Sport Matters

Kenneth Shropshire

In “Sport Matters: Leadership, Power, and the Quest for Respect in Sports”, Shropshire examines the need for diversity, inclusion, respect, and equality in sports, focusing on the need for leadership to embrace and deliver these principles in a real and tangible way within the sports industry.

Negotiate Like the Pros

Kenneth Shropshire

In “Negotiate Like the Pros”, Ken tells the stories behind some of the most sensational sports deals of all time and extracts powerful lessons from them on the skills you need to master to become a top-notch dealmaker.

Being Sugar Ray: Sugar Ray Robinson, America’s Greatest Boxer and First Celebrity Athlete

Kenneth Shropshire

In “Being Sugar Ray”, acclaimed scholar Kenneth Shropshire contends that Sugar Ray Robinson’s influence extends far beyond the ring. It was Robinson who introduced America to the athlete as entrepreneur and celebrity.

The Business of Sports (2nd ed.)

Scott Rosner and Kenneth Shropshire

“The Business of Sports, Second Edition” is a comprehensive collection of readings that focus on the multibillion-dollar sports industry and the dilemmas faced by today’s sports business leaders. It covers professional, Olympic, and collegiate sports, and highlights the major issues that impact each of these broad areas.

The Business of Sports Agents- 1st Edition

Kenneth Shropshire

In “The Business of Sports Agents”, Kenneth L. Shropshire and Timothy Davis, experts in the fields of sports business and law, examine the history of the sports agent business and the rules and laws developed to regulate the profession.

Basketball Jones: America Above the Rim (Fast Track)

Kenneth Shropshire

It began with Magic, Bird, and Dr. J. Then came Michael. The Dream Team. The WNBA. And, most recently, “Spree” Latrell Sprewell—American Dream or American Nightmare?—the embodiment of everything many believe is wrong—and others believe is exciting—about the game.

Sports and the Law: A Modern Anthology Sports and the Law: A Modern Anthology

Timothy Davis, Alfred D. Mathewson, and Kenneth L. Shropshire

In Black and White: Race and Sports in America

Kenneth Shropshire

Informed by Frederick Douglass’s belief that power concedes nothing without a demand, “In Black and White” casts its net widely, dissecting claims of colorblindness and reverse racism as self-serving, rhetorical camouflage and scrutinizing professional and collegiate sports, sports agents, and owners alike.

The Sports Franchise Game: Cities in Pursuit of Sports Franchises, Events, Stadiums, and Arenas

Kenneth Shropshire

Power, prestige, and millions of dollars—these are the stakes in the sports franchise game. In this book, sports attorney Kenneth Shropshire describes the franchise warfare that pits city against city in the fierce bidding competition to capture major league teams.

Agents of Opportunity: Sports Agents and Corruption in Collegiate Sports

Kenneth Shropshire

In “Agents of Opportunity”, Kenneth L. Shropshire examines the history of the sports-agent industry, the development of college sports, and the rules and laws that have developed to regulate them.