Wharton High School Data Science Competition:
Soccer Playoff Predictions

Deliverables and Judging Criteria

Phase 1: Soccer Playoff Game Predictions

February 2 – March 4

Participants will make a set of soccer playoff game predictions. This includes both selecting the team most likely to win and determining the probability of the selected team winning.

Submissions will be scored on the accuracy of the predictions.

Phase 2: Semifinals – Slide Presentation & Description

March 5 – March 22

Teams that advance from Phase 1 will prepare a slide deck explaining their work in Phase 1. Limit your slide deck to no more than 7 slides. A template will be provided.

Phase 2 submissions will be judged based on these criteria:

  • Clarity and Specificity (20%): Are the methods used to analyze the data fully described and communicated?
  • Methodologically Robust (30%): Is the methodology and results fundamentally sound?
  • Style and Data Visualization (30%): Are the data presented in a visually appealing manner using graphics to highlight insights?
  • Creativity (20%): Does the analysis provide insight into new models and new ways of thinking?

If your team is selected to advance to the finals, this is the slide deck you will present live to a panel of judges.

Phase 3: Finals – Presentation

April 3

Teams advancing to the finals will present their slide deck from Phase 2 in a live Zoom meeting to a panel of 3 – 4 judges.

Submission and Scoring

  • Phase 1: Group and knockout stage predictions will be auto-scored.
  • Phase 2: 25 teams will have the opportunity to submit details about their results, which will be reviewed and scored by a defined rubric.
  • Phase 3: The top 5 teams present via Zoom live to judges. Judges deliberate and announce a first, second, and third-place winner.

Tips for Success

  • Excessive sports/analytics jargon does not necessarily dazzle the judges. Your report should reflect your team’s voice.
  • Do not use precious space repeating known facts. You may choose to demonstrate that you understand the concepts beyond the given scenario.
  • Complete each phase before or by the deadline to ensure there are no questions about whether you completed your work on time.
  • Use the Online Modules as a tool for your work.