Wharton High School Data Science Competition:
Soccer Playoff Predictions

Team Roles and Responsibilities


The team advisor must be a teacher/educator at the school that their student team attends.

The team advisor provides student teams with guidance, encouragement, and structure throughout the competition to support their team’s success.

We anticipate the competition will require about 2 hours per week of an advisor’s time.

Some advisors are very active, teaching related concepts and providing consistent guidance, while others only serve as sounding boards and motivational coaches. Please note that an advisor’s role is NOT to make decisions for competing students or participate actively in teamwork and strategy development.

At the outset of the competition, each team should clarify the role of its advisor, whose responsibilities will vary depending on individual skills, school structures, and availability.

In general, advisors are responsible for the following:

  • Registering their team for the Wharton High School Data Science Competition. Students are NOT permitted to register for the competition on their own behalf or on behalf of their team.
  • Serving as a main point of contact for your team. All communications and notifications will be sent to the advisor and the student team leader.
  • Checking in on student progress and motivating the student team throughout the competition. This includes ensuring that teams are on track through each phase and submitting the Phase 1 data collection on time, along with all additional deliverables.
  • Upholding Integrity. Inform Wharton if you suspect that one or more of your team members has engaged a paid advisor or is enrolled in an extracurricular online course that claims to “teach” the competition.
  • Acting as a sounding board for your team without doing any of the hands-on work.
  • Providing structure.
  • Ensuring total follow-through. If your team is among the finalists, we hope you will support their final presentations and even join the final presentations via Zoom.
  • Optional and team-dependent: Providing educational guidance to the team, especially for those students who have had limited exposure to sports analytics. The optional Online Modules, available once the data is released, provide learning materials to help build knowledge into every aspect of this competition.
  • We hope that all advisors will encourage students to ask questions and reach out to us along the way as needed.

Team Leader (1 student)

Student team leaders are responsible for the following:

  • Leading your teammates to success. Each team will select one student to serve as their team leader and represent their team in all communications with the Wharton School. Teams may also assign additional duties to the team leader (such as coordinating meeting times) however they wish.
  • Serving as a main point of contact for your team. All communications and notifications will be sent
    to you and the team advisor.
  • Fulfilling all the responsibilities of a regular team member, as listed below.

Team Members (3-5 students, including the team leader)

We anticipate the competition will take student teams about 7-14 hours to complete.

Student team members are responsible for the following:

  • Developing the team’s data science strategy. The advisor serves as a guide for the team, but
    students are the competitors.
  • Conducting deep analysis of the soccer league data.
  • Staying engaged and meeting deadlines. Registered student teams should be active throughout the competition, understand the rules, and work consistently. Team members are encouraged to refer to the timeline regularly, and manage their time wisely.
  • Learning new concepts, where necessary, with the help of a teacher-advisor and/or through the Online Modules, available once the competition begins.
  • All team members must attend the same school. Students from different schools cannot compete on the same team.