A Guide to Wharton’s Summer Programs

Check out this article in Wharton Magazine for a full guide to Wharton’s Summer Programs.

“Sports analytics are the big draw of the Wharton Moneyball Academy held every July. High-school juniors and seniors spend three weeks digging into data—most of the curriculum is based on Statistics 101 and 470 as well as advanced-level stat courses—and learning how to read and write “R code,” a.k.a. the magical programming that deals with stats and tendencies. (There’s also a broader one-week “training camp” available.) Meanwhile, more than 100 students enroll in the Wharton Sports Business Academy for four weeks to learn top-to-bottom core business topics, from marketing to ownership. Both programs mix in at least one academic field trip to sports facilities; last year, Moneyball students visited the Sixers’ swanky training complex in New Jersey.”